How do I get Inspired all the TIme

People normally wonder why em I so active every-time. To be honest, I have a little secret and I would like to share it. It’s very simple and very effective guess what could it be? Watching Movies! Yes, your not mistaking about it! I really love to watch movies, I learn so many things watching movies, series and etc.

I choose what I want ~ if I’m depress I’ll watch comedy; if my in-love I’ll watch romance! and more!

Just as simple as watching movies can give me a big boast to all the things I do!

I normally download the movies then watch them if I got the time.

One more thing before I download them I’m sure that I’m gonna watch for the trailer you may found them at youtube, imdb but normally visit

That’s my friend sites, so I just told him to put all the interesting site to it and he really did! What an interesting guy. Lol

Happy New Year and Stay Healthy!


A Simple Ways To Take Care of Your Health

Have you experience being busy all the time that you almost forgot about yourself?

To be honest, I do and I hate it so much! I’m always tie up with work sometimes even in weekend. I almost forgot what my hobbies, favorite food and most of all my health! What I do is always related to work or money. I became the slave of money then I got sick! Working so hard for fear and got sick, I reflect on myself comparing present to my old picture!

Fat and Thin

I’m too shy to show my real picture!

After reflecting myself, I fell cheated and I need to change my current life style! Then I decide to change some of my habit!

  1. Never Bring Work at Home – working at home is the most stupid thing I’ve done in my life!
  2. Sleep Early and Have a Morning Walk – this is my favorite, I just walk around about 15-30 minutes everyday and I feel more refreshing!
  3. Balance Diet
    • Because of work:
      • Morning – Fast Food
      • Lunch – Fast Food
      • Dinner – Fast Food
    • Now
      • Morning – Cereals, Quaker, Oatmeal, kefir, yogurt, fruits,  wheat bread and more!
      • Lunch – Salad or green leave + Meat + Brown Rice
      • Dinner – Anything but need to eat before 6:30 PM
  4. Rest  and Exercise – I only pick 1 task per day of my weekend either to exercise or to rest, I will never neglect this!
  5. Do What Ever You Want in your Free Time – I’ve created a list of things that I wanted to do, so when I have some free time I just simple get the list then choose 1 then cross it out!

For me, the changes I’ve made in my life was awesome. Absolutely I feel better but certainly, I wont get fit that fast but right now I’m happy and satisfy in my life.

  • I love drinking kefir milk, I drink it once a day. It was recommend by my friend then decide to try it our. It’s pretty hard to buy kefir in our local store so I followed my friend advice to buy my own kefir grains online so I can make my own unlimited kefir drinks. To know more about benefits of kefir visit – and
  • I love to Exercise in the past but because of work, I slowly lost my discipline. But right now, I won’t make the same mistake. I normally hit the gym or watch yogu video in youtube like – instructed by Adrience. I love her lesson so much, the explanation is easy to understand. the video quality is very clear and etc!
  • After releasing myself from working at home or  working overtime (But of course I know take overtime if its a super urgent matter), I feel less stress and more happy, I feel likes my youth is getting back! 😛

I’m still thinking on how to improve not just my health but for my overall life., here are some of my future plans:

  • Study Health Consultant
  • Study MBA
  • Travel once a year
  • Learn How to Investment
  • Learn Whats a married is
  • and more!

Overall, I believe life is just about self discipline. If we are willing to discipline our-self then everything is possible. I once read in a book to richer by Napoleon – The master to riches is more or less about self discipline.




A resolution to a problem

Have you experience doing something easy then the next day you realize that you have to do it the hard way?technician, electrical

Well in my case, yes. I am an avid fun of watching tv series so, it really bugs me when something interrupts my moments. As I mention before, our family used to assigned household chores. From the incident that I accidentaly broke our rice cooker, my brother decided for me to cook rice using our stove for a month and I thought that it’s unfair.

Even though the repair guy fixed our rice cooker and power supply, my brother decided to give me a harder life. To prevent this incident to happen again, I research about smps repair.
I thought that it would be hard for me since I have no experience with repairing electronic devices. But I was amazed on how easy to follow the steps. I stumble an ebook that gave easy and quick guides on how to repair smps.

It made my life more easier knowing that I won’t be the same crazy person shouting on something that explode.

Accidents are inevitable

In a family that is big as mine, we used to assign family members to do task to lighten up the household chores. outlet, plug, electrical
It was the afternoon of Wednesday when I was assigned to cook rice for dinner, and before everyone in the family start arriving from school and work, I decided to cook rice using our rice cooker.

I am used to cook rice using our rice cooker so I thought nothing would go wrong but when I plug in the plug into the outlet something explode. And I squeal like a crazy person. Then I got scared because the rice cooker is not working. I was hysterical because I don’t know what to do. I am afraid that mom might be angry at me for destroying it.

Then I told myself to calm down. Then, I call my technician friend and told him everything that happed. He told me about how to repair power supply and I have no idea what he’s talking about. The worst part is that, he can’t come over because he is still at work.What I did to make it right, I cooked the rice on the stove and told my mom that I broke the rice cooker.

It’s really hard if you don’t have any idea on how to repair smps. Yes, its funny but I don’t think I am the only person who experience this kind of incident.This is true to all to those who are not aware with electrical stuff and everything that relates to it.