A Simple Ways To Take Care of Your Health

Have you experience being busy all the time that you almost forgot about yourself?

To be honest, I do and I hate it so much! I’m always tie up with work sometimes even in weekend. I almost forgot what my hobbies, favorite food and most of all my health! What I do is always related to work or money. I became the slave of money then I got sick! Working so hard for fear and got sick, I reflect on myself comparing present to my old picture!

Fat and Thin

I’m too shy to show my real picture!

After reflecting myself, I fell cheated and I need to change my current life style! Then I decide to change some of my habit!

  1. Never Bring Work at Home – working at home is the most stupid thing I’ve done in my life!
  2. Sleep Early and Have a Morning Walk – this is my favorite, I just walk around about 15-30 minutes everyday and I feel more refreshing!
  3. Balance Diet
    • Because of work:
      • Morning – Fast Food
      • Lunch – Fast Food
      • Dinner – Fast Food
    • Now
      • Morning – Cereals, Quaker, Oatmeal, kefir, yogurt, fruits,  wheat bread and more!
      • Lunch – Salad or green leave + Meat + Brown Rice
      • Dinner – Anything but need to eat before 6:30 PM
  4. Rest  and Exercise – I only pick 1 task per day of my weekend either to exercise or to rest, I will never neglect this!
  5. Do What Ever You Want in your Free Time – I’ve created a list of things that I wanted to do, so when I have some free time I just simple get the list then choose 1 then cross it out!

For me, the changes I’ve made in my life was awesome. Absolutely I feel better but certainly, I wont get fit that fast but right now I’m happy and satisfy in my life.

  • I love drinking kefir milk, I drink it once a day. It was recommend by my friend then decide to try it our. It’s pretty hard to buy kefir in our local store so I followed my friend advice to buy my own kefir grains online so I can make my own unlimited kefir drinks. To know more about benefits of kefir visit – http://www.thewalkingencyclopedia.com/kefir/#What_is_Kefir and http://www.benefitsofkefir.com
  • I love to Exercise in the past but because of work, I slowly lost my discipline. But right now, I won’t make the same mistake. I normally hit the gym or watch yogu video in youtube like – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFKE7WVJfvaHW5q283SxchA instructed by Adrience. I love her lesson so much, the explanation is easy to understand. the video quality is very clear and etc!
  • After releasing myself from working at home or  working overtime (But of course I know take overtime if its a super urgent matter), I feel less stress and more happy, I feel likes my youth is getting back! 😛

I’m still thinking on how to improve not just my health but for my overall life., here are some of my future plans:

  • Study Health Consultant
  • Study MBA
  • Travel once a year
  • Learn How to Investment
  • Learn Whats a married is
  • and more!

Overall, I believe life is just about self discipline. If we are willing to discipline our-self then everything is possible. I once read in a book to richer by Napoleon – The master to riches is more or less about self discipline.