A resolution to a problem

Have you experience doing something easy then the next day you realize that you have to do it the hard way?technician, electrical

Well in my case, yes. I am an avid fun of watching tv series so, it really bugs me when something interrupts my moments. As I mention before, our family used to assigned household chores. From the incident that I accidentaly broke our rice cooker, my brother decided for me to cook rice using our stove for a month and I thought that it’s unfair.

Even though the repair guy fixed our rice cooker and power supply, my brother decided to give me a harder life. To prevent this incident to happen again, I research about smps repair.
I thought that it would be hard for me since I have no experience with repairing electronic devices. But I was amazed on how easy to follow the steps. I stumble an ebook that gave easy and quick guides on how to repair smps.

It made my life more easier knowing that I won’t be the same crazy person shouting on something that explode.